Prepare Your Car for Spring

Winter can be harsh on your car. The extra energy spent on fighting the cold winter-weather can leave it exhausted and a little out of shape. Plummeting temperatures and icy roads do not do your ride any favors. The best way to welcome the warm and vibrant spring is to treat your car by sprucing it up. However, that alone might not be enough to prepare your car for spring.

After a hard fought winter, some much needed touch ups will ensure trouble-free spring and summer for your car. To start up fresh, it is important that you locate all the issues concerning the performance and functionality of the vehicle and try to sort them out before they turn into serious money demanding problems. Following is a look at some of the ways you can prepare your car for spring season.

Clean It Up

If you have been postponing cleaning your car all throughout the winter, it is a great idea to start your spring with a thorough clean up. Vacuum the insides and hose the outsides. Get your car smelling fresh again. If you live in an area with harsh snowy winters, salt and dust can accumulate on the undercarriage and wheel wells. Make sure to clean them up as they can lead to rust and deterioration.

Check Your Tires

One of the most important things to prepare your car for spring season is to take off the winter tires and replace them with the summer ones. This is because winter tires do not perform well in warm conditions and can lead to compromised traction and drivability. If you use all-season tires, make sure the tread of the tires is not worn off. Check the depth of the tread as well as the tire-pressure. It is always a good idea to get your tires rotated before the start of spring.

Align the Wheels to Prepare Your Car for Spring

During winter, your car has to deal with icy roads and nasty potholes, wreaking havoc to the alignment of its wheels. Hence, if you find your car tilting to one side or the other while you drive with your steering wheel centered, your wheels are not properly aligned. It will ensure safety and prevent your tires from unevenly wearing out.

Cool It Off

Coolant is vital to keeping your car cool and working properly in warm weather. Sprucing up your car also involves checking up on all the fluids that will help it weather the spring and summer temperatures. You should take out your owner’s manual and use the fluid level gauge to check the coolant level.

Brakes Matter

Winters are not very kind to your brakes either. After a long and cold winter, if your brakes have gone noisy or you do not find them smooth anymore, it is probably time to replace your brake pads. You can check the health of your brake pads simply by looking between the spoke of your wheels. If you find they need replacing, get a professional to help you out with that.

Do not Forget the Battery and the Oil

Car batteries do not take the beating of cold weather well. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have your mechanic check this before taking your car to a spring drive. While you are at it, it is also a great idea to get your oil as well as your oil filter changed. It will help the health of your engine tremendously and help your car welcome the spring with open arms.

These are some of the best ways to prepare your car for spring season.



Posted by Gary's Auto Repair on April 1, 2017