Importance of Auto Computer Diagnostics

Whenever you take your car to the mechanic for a thorough evaluation of faults or damages, for a big majority of automobiles, the mechanic will always use an auto computer diagnostics device. He will do that primarily to check for recorded component damage or other mechanical issues.  The technician is able to do this using software that efficiently accesses your vehicle’s computer system, which records and monitors faults and damages.

Performing a thorough computerized evaluation can help identify a wide array of mechanical issues and common problems. For example, it may reveal a fault in transmission, oil tank, the exhaust and air-intake system or other components. A majority of modern vehicles come in-built with sophisticated sensors, processors and microchips that can effectively be connected with a computer diagnostic tool. It is strongly suggested that you go to an ASE certified technician to have this done.

What Areas do Auto Computer Diagnostics Cover?

The software that links your computers sensors and processors with the device used by the technician will highlight the following areas:

  • Complications with the ignition
  • Issues with transmission
  • Faults in the engine
  • Fuel injector performance monitoring
  • Ignition coil power
  • RPM levels
  • Temperature and coolant
  • Camshaft
  • Crankshaft
  • Throttle opening

These are some of the most vital components of any vehicle. Computer diagnostics make it incredibly effective and cost-efficient for you to have your car quickly diagnosed – expediting all repair processes.

How does it Work?

To successfully identify a mechanical fault, the technician will first use his auto computer diagnostics tool to check your car’s DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code). After that, he will proceed to perform further evaluation. These tests can be of any manner ranging from mechanical checks, which includes engine compression to diagnosing the car’s electronic systems.

Nothing to Worry About

People usually get overly alarmed after hearing that their vehicles need a thorough computerized inspection. It is important for you to understand that a computerized analysis is often the fastest way to identify problems, enabling a technician to quickly determine and fix a problem. And at times, computer diagnostics lead to a rather budget-friendly solution to the problem.

What should be the Frequency of Computerized Diagnostics for My Car?

This is a good question. A majority of car owners are often told that they should bring their cars in for auto computer diagnostics every 5 to 6 months. This isn’t true. According to manufacturers, it is important that you get your vehicle inspected by a specialist technician once a year.

The Bottom Line

Nothing is more important than to ensure your car’s safety at all times. Today’s vehicles come equipped with technologically innovative components to guarantee safety. And this makes it quite important for you to have your vehicle electronically inspected from time to time.


Posted by Gary's Auto Repair on September 1, 2016