Reasons for Green Auto Repair and Maintenance

It isn’t surprising when a majority of people go for auto repair or maintenance, they seldom think about the environment, which isn’t that shocking really. However, green auto repair is the trend these days, and fortunately you can pitch into ensuring our beautiful environment stays healthy and emissions free. It is always a wise idea to a green mechanic or a repair shop where the technician employs environmentally-friendly methods to repair vehicles, which can also be cost-effective and healthy for the environment at the same time.

Reasons Why You Should Go for Green Auto Repair

Safer Substances

A majority of auto maintenance shops and repair garages incorporate the use of solvent based fluids as well as cleaners, which can potentially be dangerous for the well-being of all employees working there. Plus, the toxins in those fluids can be very harmful for the environment. However, a green and more experienced mechanic will always use water-based liquids as cleaners and utilize part-washing fluids. Both of which are deemed risk-free for safe handling. Moreover, because these liquids don’t have corrosive chemicals, they won’t damage your car.

And because a green mechanic works in a environmentally sensitive facility, they have all the resources and diligence to recycle anti-freeze and both types of refrigerant gases. Another great thing about a green car repair shop is the fact that the personnel can dispose of such liquids quite efficiently without harming the environment.


Reconditioned Components and Parts

Another reason you should go for green auto repair or maintenance jobs is the fact that these mechanics integrate the use of reconditioned auto components and parts. It is important to understand a lot of electrical components and parts, which includes batteries, your brakes and several other mechanical parts can be reconditioned for cheaper, but effective use. This way parts can be quite conveniently sent back to the manufacturer for refurbishment instead of being dumped in scrap yards, avoiding landfills.

And this also means that steel and aluminum can be effectively recycled and reused. You will be able to  play a big part in helping to reduce the over exploitation of natural resources.


Reusing Waste Oils

Green auto repair shops have the technology and resources to recycle used oil. Instead of wasting oil after each oil change, green mechanics convert it into useable oil. Plus, that oil can also be used as a source of heating for the entire shop, further reducing carbon emissions.

The Bottom Line

There is no denying the merits of emission reducing ways to have your car fixed or maintained. It is all about taking the initiative. So, consider going to a green mechanic from now on. Together, we can take steps to fixing and healing our beautiful planet.


Posted by Gary's Auto Repair on August 1, 2016