The Importance of Consulting a Professional to Ensure Fuel Efficiency

Your car is not supposed to empty your pockets every month. If you need to take your car back to the station every other day to get it filled up, you need to take some actions! Even if you did not purchase the most fuel-efficient car in the world, there are ways that can ensure your car performs better with lower fuel consumption and better fuel efficiency.

It is always a great idea to drive cleanly and smoothly. Avoid fuel-eating short trips. Heavy braking is not good for your car’s body and fuel efficiency. Do not let the vehicle sit idle for more than a minute. Use the right gears at the right speeds. Putting less stress on your car is guaranteed to drop your fuel consumption.

However, there is only so much you can do by adopting better driving habits and techniques. If you really want to cut down your fuel-costs, drop by a trusted auto-mechanic and find out about some adjustments and alterations, in addition to the basic maintenance routines. Here are some of the things you can expect to improve by consulting a professional to ensure fuel efficiency.

Shed the Extra Weight to Boost Fuel Efficiency

The more weight your engine has to pull, the more fuel it will burn. It is as simple as that. With the help of the right professional you can decide which things your car can do without. If you have good set of tires on your car and are not planning on going a trip outside town, perhaps you can do without heavy jack and spare tire. If possible get your rear seat removed. When going for a trip only pack the things absolutely needed.

Get it Aerodynamic

Wind-drag becomes a serious player when it comes to fuel consumption, at high speeds. A car that is aerodynamic helps improving engine’s efficiency. Remove roof-racks and other bothersome fixtures. This can have a surprisingly positive impact on efficiency.

Get the Right Inflation

When you are at a mechanic, get the pressure of your tires checked. Properly inflated tires are crucial to a fuel-efficient ride. Your mechanic will check the PSI max listed on the tires and most probably inflate them to 36 PSI. Tires that are under-inflated by 10 PSI can put a dent of 5 MPG. Getting your tires rotated will also help greatly.

Put a Seal on It

It is important that your gas tank is properly sealed. The engine pulls the gas from the gas tank, if the rubber seal of the tank is allowing too much air to enter the gas tank, too much oxygen will reach the engine allowing more gasoline to burn than needed. Get the seal of your gas tank checked and replaced if needed.

Get Your Wheels Aligned

While you are at the mechanic’s, why not get your wheels aligned. Poorly aligned wheels make your car put uneven weight and pressure on different tires, preventing your car’s ability to drive straight thus compromising the drivability and efficiency.

Replace the Plugs and Filters

Getting your spark plugs, fuel-filters, air-filters and oxygen sensors checked, and if necessary, replaced can do wonders to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Getting your engine scrutinized by the professional eyes of a mechanic is what your fuel-hungry car needs.

These are some of the ways consulting a professional to boost fuel efficiency can help straighten out your ride.




Posted by Gary's Auto Repair on March 1, 2017