Climate Control System

How would you feel if the heating in your car gives up in freezing cold?  How about taking your car out for a long trip in summer only to find out the air conditioning has failed you in the middle of nowhere. You can avoid these nightmares if you take your car to a professional mechanic as soon as you seen the first signs of troubling behavior from your car’s climate control system.

Your car uses a coolant which is a special mixture of antifreeze and distilled water. This liquid circulates through the cooling system and heats up before the radiator cools it down. Ingeniously your car uses the same hot liquid to heat up the insides of your car. A small fan under the hood of the car blows the air warmed by the hot liquid in the heater core to the cabin and gives you the cozy warm feeling in the winter you so love.

The air conditioning component of your car’s climate control system is slightly more complex. Most cars use a special closed unit with Freon gas circulating through various high and low pressure chambers. This flow turns the gas cold. The cool gas goes through an evaporator. Installing a new fan ensures the cool air surrounding evaporator blows into the cabin, making hot summer days tolerable for you.

As you can see your car’s climate control system uses pretty sophisticated and elaborate techniques as well as part to do its job. To look after it you need regular check-up and maintenance by a professional mechanic. This is essential because of the following factors;

You and Your Car’s Safety

Getting a mechanic to check your car’s climate control system thoroughly before the start of winter as well as summer is crucial. It is not necessary just to ensure your comfort but actually can play a consequential role to guarantee your safety. Extreme temperatures inside the cabin severely temper driver’s capabilities, increasing the likelihood of unfortunate accidents.

Stay Cool with an Optimized Climate Control System

If you find your air conditioning system producing more noise than normal, the air inside your car does not feel fresh or the temperatures rise up, it is time to take your car to a professional. Keep in mind, a good mechanic will check the condenser and the evaporator to make sure they are working fine. Plus, the pressure of the gas inside the AC system has to be up to mark. The mechanic will check the entire closed system for any leakage. All these services ensure you prevent any major future damage.

Welcome the Warmth

If you feel your car is not getting warm enough in winter, many things may be behind it. May be the antifreeze that should travel through the heater core, is leaking. Or, perhaps you need to flush the radiator or change the coolant. It is possible that the fan is not working, or may be the heater core itself needs repair. Heater core repair involves taking apart the dash. It is a fairly and complicated and expensive task. Getting your car regularly examined can prevent things reaching this stage.

To avoid getting a major hit to your budget, it is good idea to regularly get your car’s climate control systems checked by a professional mechanic.



Posted by Gary's Auto Repair on February 1, 2017