What is an ASE Certified Technician

Selecting a professional, experienced and an expert auto technician should never be left to chance. And thanks to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, which is a non-profit organization – all you have to do is look for an ASE certified technician. ASE thoroughly evaluates and tests all motor vehicle repair and maintenance professionals for their level of diagnostic, analysis and repair skills. The Automotive Service Excellence program is highly reputable and is recognized all over the country.

Technicians with ASE certification can be found in a wide array of different regions of the automotive industry, which primarily includes dealership shops, service garages, franchises and parts stores.

Reasons why you should opt for the Services of a ASE certified technician

ASE accredits the technical expertise and specialization of individual vehicle maintenance and repair professionals as well as technicians. And before these professionals are endowed with this recognized certification they are provided with ample technical training via regular classes. However, many study independently for the certification. Motorists can rest assured that ASE technicians have all the knowledge and the cutting-edge repair skills unmatched by a majority of non-credited mechanics and technicians.

  • The ASE certification program is the nation’s most authentic, reputable and recognized examination program.
  • ASE technicians are knowledgeable when it comes to automobile servicing, diagnostics, maintenance and functionality.
  • Each car ASE technician specializes in one area of the certification.
  • The certification for every single area is 5 years – which is why ASE certified technicians are always up to date.
  • A Master ASE certified technician is certified in all 8 automobile specialty areas.
  • There is also an advanced level of certification available for ASE Master Technicians. This level certifies the technician is competent in electronic diagnosis and emissions troubleshooting procedures.

The ASE Certifications – How Things Work

In the US, there are about 150,000 motor vehicle technicians who commit to taking the test for being ASE certified. The tests are held across the country in more than 400 different cities and towns. The repair and maintenance specialists just have to pass a single exam and fulfill the necessary experience requisite demanded by the ASE. If they do that, they become certified.

How Do I Look for One?

Vehicular repair and maintenance garages or shops that have employed the services of even a single ASE certified technician are granted the permission to display the ASE sign. ASE technicians are given special credentials, making their expertise and specialization abundantly clear.

Selecting an Expert

It is important to understand that like physicians, car technicians do often specialize, which makes it very important for you to always ask the garage or shop owner for a proper technician. For example, always ask for a certified professional specializing in let’s say brakes, engine or air-conditioning repair.


Posted by Gary's Auto Repair on December 13, 2016